Squat Rehab Manual

Learn how to overcome pain during the barbell squat via a systematic, step-by-step approach


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  • Overcome ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, or elbow pain during the squat

  • Utilize a systematic, 4-step approach to prioritize which strategies to implement first

  • Implement specific form, programming, and mobility interventions needed to overcome your pain

  • Build your own customized 8-10 week squat rehab program to reduce risk of flare ups and permanently overcome pain

Overcoming pain during a lift can seem like a never ending cycle...until now

I spent years trying overcome hip pain during my squats. It seemed like I tried everything. From foam rolling, to mobility work, to decreasing the load, I would make some temporary progress, only to end up right back at square one...hurting again. The problem was, I never had a SYSTEMATIC approach. I would just haphazardly try things in hopes that something would stick...until now.

If this sounds like you, caught in the never ending cycle of trying different things, taking time off, then squatting again, only to re-injure yourself...I want to help you. I created this book to provide you with a step-by-step systematic process to avoid the "let's just try this approach" and finally overcome pain during the squat for good.

Dr. Michael Mash / Owner, Barbell Rehab


86 Page E-Book

with everything you need to know about the squat

47 Instructional Videos

to help improve your understanding of the concepts

5 Body Part Specific Rehab Flowcharts

to give you a step-by-step actionable approach

10 Week Squat Rehab Template

to help you overcome pain and reduce risk of flare ups


If you're someone who's been dealing with nagging ankle, knee, hip, low back, shoulder, or elbow pain, then this book is for you. It will teach you exactly how to overcome this in a step-by-step approach that utilizes form and programming optimization, modification, and mobility work.

Ready to Overcome Your Painful Squat?


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