Strength Training the Post-Operative Client

Learn how to design effective strength training programs for clients who’ve had various orthopedic surgeries.

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About Your Instructor

Dr. Michael Mash


Hi, I'm Michael, founder of Barbell Rehab.

If you're a personal trainer or strength coach, you probably already know how important strength training is for clients who've had an orthopedic surgery.

Due to continually declining reimbursement rates, these folks are often discharged from physiotherapy with much less pain, but continued limitations in strength, mobility, and function.

Do you know what that means? They often seek out a fitness professional to help them the rest of the way. This is where YOU can serve a pivotal role in changing their lives! 

The principles in this course will not only teach you how to strength train clients that have had a total hip replacement, rotator cuff surgery, or spinal fusion, it it'll show you how to EMPOWER them to live stronger and healthier lives!

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What We Cover

Module 1 (45 min)

Introduction to Surgeries and Programming Principles

In this module, the participant will learn why strength training is not only safe after orthopedic surgeries, but necessary in order to maximize function and quality of life. We go through an overview of the foundational movement patterns and their regressions in order to prepare the student for the framework of exercise application for different surgeries.

Module 2 (90 min)

Common Lower Extremity Surgeries

In this module, we cover some of the more common lower extremity surgeries including meniscectomies, meniscus repairs, ACL repairs, total knee/hip replacements, knee articular cartilage defects, and hip labral issues.

Module 3 (35 min)

Lower Extremity Exercise Prescription

After learning about the various lower extremity surgeries and the rationale behind exercise prescription for them, the participant will now see video demonstrations of all of the different exercises and modifications used.

Module 4 (50 min)

The Spine

In this module, the participant will learn about various spinal surgeries including laminectomies, microdiscectomies, and fusions and how to implement an effective strength program for clients that have had these after finishing physiotherapy.

Module 5 (80 min)

The Shoulder

This module is also a combination of lecture and demonstration, and will teach the participant about common shoulder surgeries and how to safely implement strengthening work after them. Topics covered include rotator cuff repairs, SLAP and Bankart repairs, and shoulder replacements.

What Others are Saying

Jason O'Connor, DPT, CSCS

"In our facility, we rehab and train a wide range of patients and clients including those who have experienced a variety of post-operative procedures. Dr. Mash's new course provides a comprehensive overview of post-operative considerations that are vital in the preservation of function and optimizing performance for both patients and clients. Dr. Mash provides a distilled and easily digestible approach in addressing these considerations. This course is a MUST for those looking to learn how to strength train clients after an orthopedic surgery. 5-star"

Joe Camoratto, DPT, CF-L1

"Deciding on what direction to go in right after a client gets out of surgery can be frightening. With precautions from the surgeon and deconditioning that occurs after recovering at a lower intensity, having a resource like this post-surgical course was really helpful in knowing the basics about where to turn for common surgeries. I am feeling much more confident in my ability to program for strength athletes once they are ready to enter into the return to sport phase of exercise."

Matt Casturo, CSCS

"Strength Training the Post-Operative Client provides a framework for making connections between the pathology of surgeries and practical exercise prescription decisions. The combination of lectures and demonstrations helps you understand the continuum from surgery and restoring basic motion all the way to progressing to high level strengthening activities. Dr. Mash provides great examples of how to implement effective strength programs for clients after finishing physiotherapy. This course would be beneficial for professionals who want to have the knowledge and understanding to help clients who have had orthopedic surgery return to an active lifestyle."


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