The Barbell Rehab Workshop Online Course

Improve your ability to coach and modify the barbell lifts for those with pain or mobility limitations.

Access 40 minutes for FREE. This includes video excerpts from our pain and performance lecture, squat lab breakout session, and deadlift lecture.

Watch 40 Minutes for FREE

Free Sample Videos Includes:
  • Utilizing Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) in Training and Rehab

    Learn how to optimize intensity and RPE for people dealing with pain

  • Changing Modifiable Factors and Variations

    Making subtle changes to a lift can drastically change symptoms. Learn exactly how to do this.

  • Modifying the Bodyweight Squat

    Everyone's squat is going to look different. Here's how to troubleshoot stance width and degree of toe out.

  • Utilizing a High Box Squat for Hip Pain

    Hip pain during squats is a very common issue. Here's one technique to help overcome it

  • Testing for Weak/Painful Hip Adduction

    Inner groin pain is very common during the squat. Here's how to test for it

  • Optimizing Deadlift Grip and Lowering Phase

    Double overhand? Mixed grip? Straps? What's the best grip? How do you lower the deadlift safely?

  • Bar and Shin Position During the Deadlift

    Optimizing bar and shin position during the setup is pivotal to maximizing deadlift efficiency

  • Deadlifting with Back Pain

    Learn how to modify the deadlift for different types of back pain

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