Principles of Musculoskeletal Management

Principles of Musculoskeletal Management

Enhance your musculoskeletal care knowledge and apply it to treating barbell athletes through an evidence-based biopsychosocial lens.


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Free Sample Videos Includes:

  • 1.1 Intro and the SINSS Construct

    This is the first video of the online course. It lays the groundwork for our evaluation process and introduces the SINSS Construct.

  • 2.3 Should we Move Past Core Stability?

    This is a video from our Chronic Low Back Pain module where we discuss all of the research and myths surrounding core stability.

  • 5.8 Barbell Modifications for Shoulder Pain

    Module 5 is all about the shoulder. In this video, we explain the various modifications you can make to the barbell lifts for different types of shoulder pain.

  • 7.2 FAI Morphology and Labral Pathology

    Here, we discuss the anatomy, morphology, and relevance of CAM lesions, pincer lesions, and labral pathology. This video sets the stage for evidence-based FAIs management.

  • 8.12 Late Post-Operative Rehab Pt. 3

    Learn some tips and tricks to help optimize your ACL rehab.

Level up your musculoskeletal knowledge and become the go-to professional to treat barbell athletes!