Meet the Barbell Rehab Team

Dr. Michael Mash



Barbell Rehab was created by Dr. Michael Mash, Physical Therapist and Barbell Coaching Expert to help fitness and rehab professionals improve their management of clients with pain or mobility limitations. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016 from Duquesne University and his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Saint Vincent College in 2014.

Dr. Michael holds the prestigious Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) title given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Additionally, he is certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and Functional Movement Screen (FMS), two systems dedicated to assessing human movement.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, Dr. Michael taught a CEU approved continuing education course, The Barbell Rehab Workshop to hundreds of students at barbell clubs across the United States. When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, he converted this live course into an online course that has sold to nearly 1000 students all across the world!

In September 2020 he created a second online course, Strength Training the Post-Operative Client to teach fitness professionals how to work with clients who've had surgery, finished physiotherapy, and are seeking continued guidance. Dr. Michael is really excited to teach his brand new 2-day LIVE continuing education course, The Barbell Rehab Method Certification at various gyms across the United States in 2021!

Dr. Lauryn Ginsberg


Lead Instructor, The Barbell Rehab Olympic Weightlifting Workshop

Lauryn Ginsburg, PT, DPT joined the Barbell Rehab team in late 2020 to teach her brand new Olympic Weightlifting Workshop live course. She graduated from Springfield College with her master’s degree in physical therapy in 2009 and from Simmons College with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2013. Lauryn is certified in functional dry needling (Level 1, 2, 3 & functional therapeutics) and has a strong hands-on approach to physical therapy. Lauryn combines her manual therapy skills with therapeutic exercise to return her patients back to the sports and activities they enjoy. She specializes in treating CrossFitters, Olympic Weightlifters, and Gymnasts, but enjoys treating all injuries and people that are looking to get better or further educate themselves on how to stay healthy and active!
Lauryn spent the first 10 years of her physical therapy career working at two different outpatient physical therapy offices. Tired of her treatments being dictated by insurance company rules instead of what her patients truly needed, she decided to open up her own PT clinic in 2019. 

Lauryn was a gymnast for 20 years, finishing her career as a collegiate gymnast competing for Springfield College. Over those years, the sport took a toll on her body leading to various injuries. Those injuries and her time spent rehabbing made her decide to pursue a career in physical therapy.
Lauryn has coached gymnastics for 15 years, the last six as head coach of Beverly High School’s Varsity Gymnastics team, where she led the team to become five-time NEC/CAL Champions and an undefeated 46-0 record. Lauryn was named Coach of the Year by the Salem Evening News four years in a row. After retiring from the sport of gymnastics, she found a new passion in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

Since 2016 she has been competing in olympic weightlifting both locally and at the national level. She has numerous MA state records in her weight class. Lauryn is also a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Coach. It is her athletic and coaching background that inspired her to become a physical therapist and to help others stay healthy, fit, and injury-free.

Dr. Miles Nicholas


Content Creator, Instagram and Blog

Miles graduated from Northeastern University in 2019, earning both his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Rehabilitation Science. During his undergraduate program he completed the Concentration in Sports, Strength and Conditioning and completed dual-minors in Exercise Science and Psychology. He has held the Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS) through the NSCA since 2019, previously maintaining the ACSM's Personal Trainer Certification since 2015.

Miles’ clinical interests include working with overhead athletes (baseball, swimming, volleyball etc.), fitness enthusiasts, and active older adults. His treatment philosophy involves the utilization of education, activity modification, and goal-directed movement or exercise to assist each individual in achievement of meaningful goals. He incorporates strength and conditioning principles into each client's rehabilitation program, as indicated, to ensure that each individual is physically prepared for the demands of their goal-activities. He makes every effort to treat each client holistically, with an evidence-based approach.

Dr. Ben Geierman


Content Creator, Blog

Dr. Benjamin Geierman graduated in 2019 with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chatham University and in 2017 from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Exercise Science. He also earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA in 2017.

Ben is known by his peers as a passionate “pain nerd” and enjoys consuming a borderline irresponsible amount of literature on the dynamic and multifactorial experience of pain. He especially enjoys working with folks experiencing persistent spine and extremity pain along with guiding active individuals experiencing everyday aches and pains back to their valued activities. He is a long time hockey and fitness enthusiast and enjoys getting on the ice and in the gym recreationally as often as possible.

Ben has been recreationally powerlifting for the past two years and hopes to complete in his first meet in the near future. His mission is to guide people experiencing pain and disability to return to their meaningful activities with enhanced resilience, decreased suffering, and improved overall confidence in their movement while striving to optimize overall fitness for all patients and encouraging behavior change to decrease the risk and impact of lifestyle induced chronic diseases.

Our Mission

Dr. Michael realized the benefits of barbell training long before he became a physical therapist. At the young age of 18, Michael participated in his first powerlifting competition but soon after underwent shoulder surgery for a long-standing baseball injury. After experiencing how heartbreaking injury can be as a young athlete, Dr. Michael has made it his mission to help athletes optimize their recovery, program, & technique to rise above their injuries and unlock their ultimate potential.

At Barbell Rehab, our mission is to unite fitness and rehab professionals to improve the management of clients with pain. Our training philosophy is centered around teaching and progressively loading barbell lifts such as the deadlift and squat to increase both strength and quality of life.

For the athlete, this means increased strength and muscle mass that carries over to increased sports performance. For the average mother of two, this means the ability to move through life with less effort. The barbell lifts load basic fundamental human movement patterns, such as picking things up off the ground, and reaching for items on a shelf, that we do everyday. After you increase your squat by 100 lbs. I assure you that bending over to pick up your child, or shoveling snow, or sitting at your desk job becomes that much easier. LIFE in general is easier when you are stronger, and there's no better way to get stronger than by utilizing the barbell.

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