Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals

Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals

Learn how to coach and modify the snatch, clean, and jerk for clients with pain or mobility limitations


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Free Sample Videos Includes:

  • 1.1 Course Introduction

    This is the first video of the online course. This gives you an idea of all of the information it covers and why we formatted the course the way we did

  • 2.1 Snatch Grip Deadlift

    The snatch-grip deadlift serves as one of our readiness assessments for the Olympic lifts. Learn exactly how to coach it in this video.

  • 2.14 Shoulder Mobility Drills

    Adequate shoulder mobility is paramount for success when performing the Olympic lifts. Learn our favorite shoulder mobility drills in this video.

  • 3.8 Bar Drifts Away During the Snatch

    Many sequencing errors can occur during the snatch. Letting the bar drift away from the body is one of the most common ones. Learn why it happens and how to fix it in this video.

  • 4.18 Clean Position-Based Intolerability

    Learn exactly how we modify around pain during the barbell clean. Remember pain during lifting doesn't mean you need to completely's an opportunity to find out what your client CAN do instead!

Learn how to optimize the management of your Olympic lifters and CrossFit athletes!