Pain-Free Bench Press Program

A 16-week comprehensive upper body program to help you overcome shoulder pain during the bench press


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written by Dr. Michael Mash, PT, DPT

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This program is divided into 4, 4-week phases. Each phase has a specific goal that will help you overcome your shoulder pain during the bench press.

  • Phase 1: Control Symptoms

    In the initial 4 weeks of programming, you will perform exercises that will help you drastically reduce your shoulder symptoms, while still achieving a challenging upper body workout.

  • Phase 2: Train a Tolerable Pressing Variation

    Once your symptoms are under control, I'll show you an algorithmic, step-by-step approach for how to build your pressing strength in a tolerable manner.

  • Phase 3: Optimize and Reintegrate the Bench Press

    As you are building strength with a tolerable pressing variation, you will slowly reintegrate the barbell bench press within an optimized programming framework.

  • Phase 4: Train the Bench Press at Higher Intensities

    This is the last, and probably most rewarding phase of the 16 week program. Via meticulously optimizing RPE, volume, and frequency, you will build your tolerance to training the bench press at higher intensities, and come out stronger than before!

It's time to stop haphazardly trying additional random mobility drills, stretching, and foam rolling, only to experience temporarily pain relief. I want to help you return to a heavy, pain-free bench press once and for all!


Algorithmic Approach

Our unique algorithmic approach will sort the type of shoulder pain you're having into 1 of 7 categories based on your tolerance to a few different exercises. Each category will then progress through the program differently in order to optimize results.

16 Week Program

3x/week comprehensive upper body program including a dynamic warmup, pressing, pulling, accessory, and shoulder stability work.

Instructional Videos

to ensure you're performing all of the exercises correctly. Links will be conveniently located right next to the exercise for ease of navigation.

Phase Checkpoints

In order to progress from one phase to the next, you'll have to achieve certain checkpoints. This will help keep you on track to maximize outcomes.

On-Going Email Support

Have a question about the program? Just email me at and I'll do my best to help!


If shoulder pain is preventing you from bench pressing, then this program will show you exactly how to overcome this. Healthcare and fitness professionals who have clients that have shoulder pain during the bench press would also benefit from this.

Ready to Overcome Your Painful Bench?


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Get this for FREE with purchase of the Barbell Rehab Workshop Online Course

30 day Money Back Guarantee