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Do the Reverse Band Bench Press for Pain-Free Shoulders

by Dr. Michael MashUpdated

Shoulder pain during the bench press is an all too common occurrence. While there could be many reasons as to why, one thing is for sure: There's usually a way to continue to train!

Typically, shoulder pain during the bench press is experienced in the bottom position, when the bar is approaching the chest. This is due to the shoulder joint being in an extended position, a position that's not tolerated too well if it is flared up!

While there's nothing inherently evil with performing a full ROM bench press, it may be best to just temporarily limit the bottom position when it's painful. The reverse band bench press does exactly this.

Here's how it works: Hanging and bar via bands from the top of a squat rack can help to DELOAD the bottom portion of the movement, the exact part of the movement where shoulder pain is usually experienced!

Although you will most likely be able to use MORE weight than a standard bench press, it will FEEL lighter when it's on your chest!

Many who struggle to bench pain free, can bench with reverse bands without any problem, making this is a great component of a return to bench pressing rehab strategy! For more tips on how to bench press pain-free, check THIS out!

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