Hip Shift During Squats

by Dr. Michael MashUpdated

While the majority of people will be able to squat symmetrically when taught correctly, there will inevitably be some who do not. One issue that I've seen recently is shifting to one side at the bottom of the squat. While this may not be a big deal initially, once you start loading up the barbell, this is going to be something you want to address!

Inability to Accept Load 
Hip shifting during the squat can be defined as an inability or unwillingness to accept load on one leg. For example, if you shift towards the right at the bottom, this would be an inability to load the left leg, and shifting to the left is an inability to accept load on the right leg.While the causes of this shift may be multifactorial, including true structural abnormalities (decreased hip ER/IR, structural scoliotic curve), this can also be a motor control issue as well. Sometimes the trainee just subcontiously favors one leg over the other and he/she ends up with a hip shift without even knowing it! Check out the video below to see exactly what I mean!

Don't Forget to Load It!
Regardless of the cause, this supine 90/90 hip drill is the FIRST thing I try. As with any drill, the drill alone is not enough to cause structural change. It's important to immediately load the squat after to groove the new mobility to solidify the results!