How to Perform a Remote Fitness or Rehab Consult

by Dr. Michael MashUpdated

With the rapid changes in physical therapy and fitness that are occurring now due to COVID-19, remote video consults may be the way of the future. 

While there are a lot of resources out there right now for how to set things up on the back end (i.e. which software to use, the legalities and formalities), I wanted to show you what to actually do DURING the consult itself. 

If you're a practitioner or fitness professional who utilizes a lot of tactile (hands on) cueing, you may be wondering how to ensure optimal outcomes without your hands. 

Here's the truth. With optimally structured remote video consults, you CAN achieve good outcomes. It all boils down to effective communication and education. 

I hope you find this video useful! For tips on how to help a client adjust their programming around pain, check out our 4-Step Framework for Training with Pain!

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