How to Teach and Modify the Squat and Deadlift

An Online Course for Healthcare Providers and Fitness Professionals.


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Module I: Intro and Welcome

Learn a decision making process and specific orthopedic assessment for working with those who have pain during the squat or deadlift

Module II: Mastering the Squat

Learn how to coach the squat, when to use different squat variations, and the causes and solutions to various pains.

Module III: Mastering the Deadlift

Learn how to effectively coach the barbell deadlift, when to use different variations, and how to assess and modify for those with pain.

Bonus Module: Advanced Strategies, My Personal Tools

This module talks about psychosocial considerations with pain, a simple squat progression for those post-ACL repair, and how to properly breath and brace for the squat and deadlift!

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Additional pictures to further explain the in-depth topics

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