July 18, 2021

Nashville, TN


Learn how to coach and modify the snatch and clean and jerk for clients with pain or mobility limitations

Date: Sunday, July 18
Time: 9am - 5pm
Location: Bad Wolf CrossFit
: 2011 Johnson Industrial Blvd Suite D, Nolensville, TN 37135

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0.7 category A NSCA CEUs


0.7 ACE CECs


7.0 category A BOC CEUs

7.0 contact hours available for TN Physical Therapists and PT Assistants

What We Cover

Module 1

Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting

In this lecture based module, we discuss what the Olympic lifts are, the prerequisites for being able to do these lifts safely and correctly, and the most common injuries and areas of pain associated with these lifts. We review some of the common drills typically programmed for both of these lifts and discuss warm up and recovery techniques and general guidelines for programming.

Module 2

Training and Modifying the Snatch

In this interactive module, we go in depth on how to perform the snatch, as well as how to modify the movement based on a person’s injury, pain, or lack of mobility. You will learn how to screen for common mobility deficits and some of the common sources of discomfort such as hip, shoulder, and back pain.

Module 3

Training and Modifying the Clean

The clean requires both lower and upper body mobility to perform correctly, In this module, we talk in depth about the clean technique and the required mobility to get into this position correctly. You will learn how to screen for hip and ankle mobility and what it takes to get into a successful front rack position. We finish this module by discussing proper pulling and squat stance width based on a person’s anatomy and then take a deep dive into common injuries and ways to modify around them.

Module 4

Coaching and Modifying the Jerk

There are a few different jerk variations (split jerk, power jerk, and squat jerk) that we will cover in depth in this module. After reviewing the technique of the jerk we will discuss common problems that people run into like shoulder, wrist, and elbow pain, as well as low back pain, when performing the jerk. Finally, we will screen for thoracic, shoulder, lat, wrist mobility and go over ways to address these mobility deficits to help reduce pain and/or overcompensation that could increase injury risk in the future.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Lauryn Ginsburg


Hi, I'm Lauryn, and I'll be your instructor for this course!

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and own a cash-based practice in Boston called SportsFit Physical Therapy. Since 2016, I've been competing in Olympic Weightlifting both locally and at the national level and have numerous MA State records for my weight class. I'm also a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Coach (USAW).

I created this course to help coaches and rehab professionals improve their management of athletes who routinely train the Olympic lifts.

The principles in this course will not only teach you how to work with people that have pain or mobility limitations, it will teach you how to EMPOWER them to live stronger and healthier lives! Read my full bio here.

Workshop Agenda

8:30–9:00 Check-In
9:00–10:00 Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting Lecture
10:00–11:00 Coaching the Barbell Snatch
11:00–12:00 Troubleshooting and Modifying the Snatch: Common Technique Errors
12:00–1:00 Lunch
1:00–2:30 Coaching and Modifying the Clean
2:30–4:00 Coaching and Modifying the Jerk
4:00–5:00 Conclusion and Q&A Session


If you don't train any of the Olympic lifts lifts or don't work with people who do, this workshop probably isn't for you.

Become the go-to professional to work with clients who train the snatch and clean and jerk!

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