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Begins February 12

Enhance your knowledge and skills in orthopedic musculoskeletal care and learn how to apply it to assessing and treating barbell athletes through an evidence-based biopsychosocial lens.

How Does the Mentorship Work?

Mentorship Overview
  • 10-week Online Format

    Our inaugural cohort will start on February 12 and run through the end of April.

  • Pre-Recorded Lectures

    At the beginning of each week, you'll get access to a pre-recorded lecture that you can watch on your own time. This lecture will be heavily biased towards theory to help set a strong foundation for future application.

  • Short Weekly Assignments

    At the end of each lecture, you'll be provided a case study to work through which will help apply the information you just learned to principles of barbell training.

  • Weekly Live Calls

    After you've been given a week to watch the pre-recorded lecture and complete the assignment, the cohort will gather for an instructor-led live call to review key topics, go through the assignment, and live Q&A. While the pre-recorded lectures will be more focused on theory, the live calls will be focused more on applications to barbell athletes.

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Only 25 spots available for this inaugural cohort!

Who is This Mentorship For?
This mentorship is for rehab professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of evaluating and treating barbell athletes.

This includes Physical Therapists, PT Assistants, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, or anyone who has a license to treat.

We will NOT be covering how to perform the squat, deadlift, bench press, or overhead press in this mentorship. Participants should already have a basic understanding of how to coach these lifts prior to signing up for this mentorship.

If you want to learn the biomechanics and how to coach the barbell lifts, please sign up for a live Barbell Rehab Method Certification course prior to applying for this mentorship.

Learn everything you wished you would have learned in school in this online mentorship!


How the idea was born...

In April 2021, we taught our first Barbell Rehab Method Certification live course in State College, PA. Since then, we've taught over 50 more of these courses all across the world and have over 20 courses scheduled just in early 2023 so far.

 One hallmark of this course that we really take pride in is the diversity in the room. We truly believe that getting personal trainers, strength coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists all together, in the same room, is paramount in order to maximize client outcomes? Why? Because, for once, we can get everyone on the same page. We KNOW that interdisciplinary care and communication is paramount to client success and we are now seeing that happen in real time via feedback from our students.

While we are seeing massive success from the students of our live course, a lot of the clinicians who have gone through it have reached out to us asking "What's our next step?" This mentorship is the next step. 

Are you a clinician who feels comfortable coaching the barbell lifts but wants that next level deeper insight to help maximize your patient outcomes? This is for you.

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Course Syllabus

Feel More Confident Treating Barbell Athletes

Remember sitting through school learning about neck, back, shoulder, and hip pain and wondering how do I apply this knowledge to lifters?

That's what we want to help you do in this mentorship. We've arranged this in a way where, in the beginning, each week is broken up by body part. Think of it like school, but without all of the fluff and outdated evidence and old treatment strategies. Our instructors prepared these lectures based on the latest evidence (not what was "right" 10-20 years ago!)

By splitting the lecture up by body part, we can then use case studies and assignments to show you how to comprehensively apply it to a barbell athlete. With this approach, you'll be able to answer questions like:

  1. What things should you focus on during the initial evaluation of a barbell athlete?
  2. How do you help a patient with cervical radiculopathy bench press, overhead press, and squat pain-free?
  3. How do you help a patient with acute low back pain and radiculopathy safely return to squats and deadlifts?
  4. How do you reintegrate the squat and deadlift for someone who is post-op ACL?
  5. What does the squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press prescription look like for someone dealing with rotator-cuff related shoulder pain?

Learn how to transition patients to digital care to improve outcomes and increase revenue


While the first 80% of the mentorship will be focused on evaluation and treatment principles, in the remaining 20% we'll teach you how to write strength programs and how to transition your clients to digital care.

Digital care is a HUGE right now, and your instructor for the final two-weeks, Dr. Sophia Veiras, is currently doing this successfully through her own coaching company, Collaborative Strength.

Learn how you too can utilize digital care to help your clients, increase your revenue, and have more time to spend with your friends and family!

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Ben Geierman


Dr. Ben is leading this mentorship and will be your instructor for Weeks 1-5

Dr. Miles Nicholas


We will be tagging in Dr. Miles for Weeks 6-8 to talk about tendinopathy, FAI, and ACL injuires

Dr. Sophia Veiras


The mentorship will wrap up with Dr. Sophia's lectures on programming and digital care during Weeks 9-10.

All of our instructors are Doctors of Physical Therapy and lead instructors for our Barbell Rehab Method Certification course. Their full bios can be found here.

Love it or Get Your Money Back

We KNOW this mentorship will help you become a better clinician. If, after going through up to 2 weeks of it, you're unsatisfied, we will give you your money back. 

Mentorship Bonuses

Private Facebook Group

Get your questions answered and interact with your peers

When we were developing this course, we wanted a way for students to interact with each other and have the ability to ask the instructor questions. Enter the private Facebook group.

Upon signing up for the mentorship, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you'll have the opportunity to talk and network with the other students and ask the Barbell Rehab instructor team questions about the material.

Bonus Lectures

For those who want an even deeper dive into the material

At Barbell Rehab, our goal is always to overdeliver. In the process of creating this course, we got really excited about all of the information we wanted to include, but inevitably...not everything can make the cut! Rather than omit our additional material, we decide to digitally pack it up and offer it as bonus lectures for those who really want that next level deep dive.

By enrolling in this mentorship, you'll also get access to the following bonus lectures:

  • Advanced Pain Science Principles

  • Disc Considerations & Neurodynamics in Neck, Back, and Radicular Pain

  • Advanced Considerations for Shoulder Pathology and Expectations



Apply today and save $100 on your enrollment!

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