Barbell Rehab Clinical Mentorship

For healthcare professionals and students who want to improve their ability to work with injured barbell athletes.

PT school teaches you a lot of skills, but it does NOT prepare you to work with injured barbell athletes. So what did I do? I dedicated my career early on to helping this population. Now I want to help YOU do the same.

What the Mentorship Includes

  • Weekly E-mails

    Once a week, you will receive an e-mail from Dr. Michael covering topics that will improve your skill set for working with barbell athletes. Think of these as your "Clinical Pearl" of the week.

  • Access to Exclusive Live Videos

    Access to live videos to further enhance your knowledge about common barbell athlete injuries. These will ONLY be posted in our private Facebook Group.

  • Interaction in a Private Facebook Group

    We have a new Facebook Group, "The Barbell Rehab Pain and Injury Forum" made up of both clinicians and barbell athletes. Both groups want to learn from each other and this will be an excellent opportunity to do exactly that.

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