Allison Bell, PT, DPT, CIDN

Allison Bell, PT, DPT, CIDN
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Dr. Bell is an orthopedic therapist who treats a wide array of orthopedic & pelvic floor conditions. She is very passionate about and has highly specialized training in the pelvic floor and the female athlete population. Dr. Bell has worked as a pelvic floor therapist for many years addressing all things pelvic health; bladder, bowel, pain, pregnancy & postpartum. As a mom with three young children she is also navigating the messy middle of motherhood & fitness right alongside her pregnant & postpartum patients.

Dr. Bell is also a POSE Method certified running technique specialist and is passionate about helping runners run faster & longer without injuries through assessment and technique training. Working with a lifting population has always been a passion as lifting is a functional human movement and getting all people comfortable under a bar or with load will improve human performance.

As a patient or client you can expect movement-based, functional strategies and applications to help you navigate the challenges and obstacles in your life to help you become the best YOU there is.

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