Barbell Rehab Online Coaching


  • Wants to get stronger and add some structure to your training?

  • Has tried lifting weights and has gotten hurt, so you're hesitant to resume?

  • Has an old injury that you're afraid of flaring up?

  • Wants a coach to review your form and keep you accountable?

Then we want to work with you!


How Does the Process Work?


In this crucial first step, we take a comprehensive approach to explore your current situation in order to start to piece together a plan to help you reach your goals. Every client begins their online coaching program with a one-on-one video call assessment where we look at and discuss:

  • Past/Current Injuries
  • Past Training History
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Movement Assessment
  • Your training equipment/enviroment
  • Your SPECIFIC Goals

Using all of the info I gathered from the assessments, I develop a Customized Training Plan that is tailored to you, your lifestyle, your goals, your strengths, and also your weaknesses. Every person is different so no two plans will be completely alike. The plan that I design for you will help to increase your strength, improve your quality of movement, and will target your specific goals and issues that need to be addressed.


Having unlimited access to your coach via e-mail means whenever you have a question, they'll be there. You can reach out to your coach 24/7, and they  will respond within 24 hours of receipt during business hours. For more in depth inquiries and discussions about anything to do with your program or progress, weekly check-ins will be utilized. Our job is to provide you with as much support as you need to help you get on track and stay on track.


For the initial 1-2 weeks, your coach will review and critique the form of your lifts after every training session and provide quick feedback that you can incorporate into your following session. After this introductory period, you can send up to 12 videos per week for your coach to review as a part of your extensive and thorough weekly check-in.


Dr. Mash at Barbell Rehab provides a much needed service to those of us who find pushing and pulling on heavy objects to be a fun pastime. My interest in barbell training is due to its effects on general health and wellness. I'm not interested in power-lifting, nor am I actively engaged in any formal type of "athletics." Dr. Mash took the time to listen to my goals and interests. He then performed a thorough evaluation of my training history and the issues that had led me to seek his services (a series of painful back tweaks). Once he had ruled out any serious issue as the cause of my back problem, he evaluated my form on all the major barbell lifts. He then suggested a series of form changes, exercise modifications, and programming reworks that would allow me to meet my training goals, while simultaneously reducing and ultimately eliminating the pain I was experiencing. He has always kept me involved in the decision making process, and has been there to discuss any questions, issues, or concerns that I've had. I highly recommend Dr. Mash and Barbell Rehab to anyone who is having any type of pain related to training

Garrick B.

Dr. Mash is the real deal for any athlete. His complex knowledge of rehab and understanding of body mechanics allow to help elevate training. He keeps you progressing as you work through injuries instead of just the normal “take some time off”. Great with answering questions thoroughly explaining what he feels are the issues with training or injury.

Ethan H.

Doctor Mash is amazing! I drove 9 hours just to see him. Roughly 7 months ago I suffered a left hip injury and haven't been able to workout since. Michael helped fully educate me on what happened and how we could create a plan to fix everything. He has already written me a workout plan and given me the confidence to workout again. He is extremely responsive if I have a question on any of the movements or need any help. I feel 100% confident that I am finally in the right hands. I would highly recommend him and am so happy that I made the drive.

Sara H


The Barbell Rehab Online Coaching program is for recreational lifters who are interested in reducing pain, improving strength, and overall looking to live a healthier lifestyle. If you've had an injury in the past and are hesitant to train again, or you have nagging issues that limit your ability to workout, this service is for you.