We Are Now Taking Applications for Guest Writers!

Do you have and idea that you'd like to share with a worldwide audience? We’d love to see what you're thinking about, but be sure to read these guidelines first.


What We Are Looking For:
  • Our Primary Audience: Fitness/Rehab Professionals and Barbell Athletes

    Here at Barbell Rehab, our primary audience is fitness and rehab professionals (personal trainers, strength coaches, physios, chiros, etc) who want to learn how to improve the management of barbell athletes, and barbell athletes themselves. If you're interested in writing for us, be sure that your content is directed to this audience.

  • Our Content: Evidence-Based Anti "Click-Baity" Language

    There is WAY too much misinformation in the fitness and rehab industry. If you're interested in writing for us, be sure your content follows evidence-based principles and doesn't contain any "click-baity" language. We aren't here to see how many people "click" on our posts. We are here to disseminate high-quality information.

  • Our Mission: Empower People

    We take pride in avoiding "nocebic" language in our writings. This means that if you're interested in writing for us, your content should be UPLIFTING and EMPOWERING. We aren't here to tell people all of the things that could be wrong with them. We are here to give actionable information.

  • Writer Qualifications: Fitness or Rehab Professional

    At this time, we are only considering contributions from those who are either qualified fitness or rehab professionals (personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.) or students in the field.

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