image of how to squat and deadlift pain free

How to Squat and Deadlift Pain-Free

In Deadlift, Squat by Michael Mash

This brand new FREE e-book is designed to help athletes, clinicians, and coaches:

  • Utilize Simple and effective cues to teach ANYONE how to squat and deadlift
  • Modify the squat based on the client’s current and past injury history
  • Teach the deadlift, building the hip hinge from the bottom up
  • Optimize hip position, scapular position, and bar speed to maximize performance during any deadlift variation

What’s Inside How to Teach the Deadlift and Squat?

  • Over 50 pages of information on how to teach and modify the squat and deadlift
  • 15 Instructional videos demonstrating simple and straightforward cues to get clients squatting and deadlifting with good form on DAY 1
  • Explanations of how joint angles, stance width, and bar position affects the mechanics of the squat and deadlift

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