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Learn how to overcome low back pain without any products or equipment. Just your mind and movement!

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68 Videos

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A Follow Along PDF Guide

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No equipment or products needed

Just your mind and movement!

*BONUS* 4-Week Full Body Program

To help you improve strength and reduce risk of flare-ups

About Your Instructor

Dr. Michael Mash


Hi, I'm Michael, the creator of Spinal Resilience. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Are you tired of jumping from one quick fix to the next to try and overcome back pain? Unfortunately, this is all too common.

There are a TON of gadgets out there for back pain, but they all have one thing in common...they don't provide you with the education you need to permanently overcome back pain. 

Permanently overcoming back pain is MUCH more than just "try these 5 random exercises" or simply stretching more. It requires a mindset shift and learning about optimal self-management strategies.

And that's EXACTLY what we provide in Spinal Resilience. If you're looking for a cookie cutter "rid your back pain in 4 weeks or less" program...you've come to the wrong place.

But...if you want to learn the most powerful and comprehensive system for self managing and overcoming your low back pain WITHOUT any products or gimmicks...then you won't be disappointed! Sign up today and find out what Spinal Resilience can do for you!

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What We Cover

Module 1 (65 min)

Introduction and How Pain Works

In the last 10 years, our understanding of pain has drastically changed. We now know that pain is a very poor indicator of what's actually going on inside your body, and that things like herniated and bulging discs are far more common than you may think. In this module, we dive deep into how pain works and provide some recommendations for how to overcome back pain with education alone!

Detailed Breakdown

What to Expect From This Course
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Red Flags and When to Seek Medical Care
  • Acute vs. Chronic Low Back Pain

How Pain Works
  • Definition of Pain
  • Interacting With Your Environment
  • Sensitization and Habituation
  • How is Pain Like a Smoke Detector?
  • What You Need to Know About MRI Findings
  • How is Pain Like a Cup of Coffee?
  • When is Surgery Considered?
Module 2 (54 min)

The Assessment and Acute Low Back Pain Exercises

After learning about how pain works, we will dig into how to perform your own low back movement assessment from the comfort of your own home. You'll learn how to identify which movements hurt and which movements feel good, following along with our easy-to use PDF guide. Based on the findings of your unique situation, we then provide you various exercises to help rapidly calm down your back pain.

Detailed Breakdown

Spinal Movement Assessment
  • Assessing Low Back Mobility
  • Finding Your Directional Preference
  • Assessing Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  • Looking at Core Control

Exercises to Reduce Pain
  • Calming the Mental Rollercoaster
  • Early Self-Management Strategies (First 0-3 Days)
  • Kinesiophobia and Catastrophizing
  • Flexion, Extension, and Isometric Exercises
  • Birddogs and Planks: What's Their Role?
  • How to Reduce Sciatic/Leg Pain
  • Selecting Exercises Best for YOU
Module 3 (30 min)

Restoring Mobility and Building Back Stronger

After calming down your back pain with the strategies and exercises provided in Module 2, it's time to build back stronger. You can only limit painful movements for so long. In this module, you will learn how to restore once painful movements and how to safely transition to a strengthening program.

Detailed Breakdown

Restoring Once Painful Movement Patterns
  • Why You Can't Avoid Painful Movements Forever
  • Pain-Free is NOT the Goal
  • Restoring Flexion, Extension, and Rotation
  • Transitioning to General Exercise

Programming and Exercise Principles
  • Do You Need Specific Exercises?
  • General Exercise Principles
  • Sample Full Body Program
Module 4 (48 min)

Exploring Common Self-Management Strategies

Now that you've learned how to rapidly calm down your back pain with exercises and education, and how to restore painful movements and build back stronger, we will explore some common self-management strategies. In this module you'll learn all about stretching, foam rolling, spinal manipulation, posture, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, and whether you should be using them or not to help with your back pain. We then describe our favorite three to help produce permanent results!

Detailed Breakdown

Common Self-Management Strategies
  • Stretching and Foam Rolling
  • Myofascial Release and Massage
  • Does Posture Matter?
  • What Happens During Spinal Manipulation?
  • Should You Use Heat or Ice?
  • Electric Stimulation and TENS Units
  • Lumbar Traction and Inversion Tables

Focusing on the Big 3
  • How to Practice Mindfulness for Pain
  • Building Resiliency: Strength Training
  • Get Sweating! Aerobic Training for Pain
Module 5 (48 min)

Case Studies and Common Scenarios

In this module we take a thorough look at 3 common back pain scenarios. First, we will cover sciatica, why it happens, and how to overcome shooting leg pain. Then, we take a close look at how to overcome the dreaded lifter's low back pain. If you're someone who's tweaked your back on a warm-up set of squats or deadlifts, this one is for you! And finally, we talk about how to address situations where someone may have back pain with prolonged walking and standing. By now, you'll have ALL of the self-management strategies you need to overcome your low back pain...without ANY products or gimmicks!

Detailed Breakdown

Case Studies
  • Overcoming the Dreaded Lifter's Low Back Tweak
  • Sciatica: Reducing Shooting Leg Pain
  • Improving Tolerance to Standing and Walking

  • Wrapping it All Up!

Love it or Get Your Money Back

We KNOW this course can help you overcome low back pain. If, for any reason, you're unsatisfied with it, we will give you your money back. No questions asked. We are here to help YOU!

🔥 Bonus 🔥

4-Week Full Body Program

To help you improve strength and reduce risk of flare ups

No low back online course would be complete without some guidance on what to do AFTER you've learned how to overcome your pain. So that's exactly what we did. We created a sample 4-Week Full Body Strengthening Program for you to try after going through the course videos. While the exercises mentioned in the course modules will help you rapidly reduce your pain, the exercises in this program will help you build general strength all while reducing risk of flare ups.

The latest guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that adults (age 18-64) and older adults (age > 64) perform “muscle strengthening activities at moderate or greater intensity that involve all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week." If you're someone who is new to a strengthening program or just want a little guidance on how to safely implement one, we've got you covered!



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Learn how to overcome low back pain without any products or equipment...just your mind and movement!

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