Services and Pricing


Services and Pricing.

Thank you for considering my services! I offer physical therapy and strength coaching services at the Virtus Institute in Greensburg, PA. Additionally, for those who cannot personally meet with me, I offer an affordable online programming option as well!

On-Site Physical Therapy.

1 hour of One-on-One care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Treatment consisting of hands on manual therapy, education, and exercise

Comprehensive home exercise program provided on the first visit

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On-Site Strength Training

1 Hour Sessions

1 Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

Video Consultation

$50 for a 45 minute Skype or Google Hangout phone call

Discussion about mobility restrictions, form optimization, muscular imbalances, etc.

Personally tailored mobility drills prescribed after the call with links to videos

Online Programming

Access to a membership program for a new workout program every month

Mobility drills programmed in a comprehensive warm-up

Links to video demonstration for every lift

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Only $9.99 month!