Barbell Rehab Workshop

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sunday, September 22
9am - 5pm
By Dr. Michael Mash, PT, DPT

Location: Pittsburgh FIT
: 210 Thomas St, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

$249  $199

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What We Cover

Module 1

Principles of Training and Rehab

In this module, we discuss the principles of load management, pain science, and how to optimize mindset on returning to baseline after an injury.

Module 2

Training and Modifying the Squat

Here we dig deep into optimizing squat form, variation, and what to do when pain arises. Everyone squats differently. Here's where you learn why.

Module 3

Bench Press Instruction and Performance

The bench press can be a tricky lift to master. Whether you've been limited by shoulder discomfort or need to optimize your form, we'll cover all of that!

Module 4

Deadlift Instruction and Common Injuries

Many people avoid the deadlift because of back pain. In this module, you'll learn how to perform the lift correctly and how to modify it based on anatomy, personal preference, and injury history.

Module 5

Overhead Lifting and Shoulder Health

Many people avoid overhead pressing in fear that it will cause shoulder pain or due to current discomfort. Here we talk about how to optimally perform this lift and how we use it to promote shoulder health.

Is This Workshop for Me?

With the Barbell Rehab Workshop, our goal is simple: To help you lift weights pain free. Whether you're a healthcare provider, fitness professional, or avid barbell athlete, you will learn something valuable in this workshop!

Workshop Agenda


If you don't train the barbell lifts or don't work with people who do, this workshop probably isn't for you.

$249  $199

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