Physical Therapy in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Do I Need a Referral from My Doctor?

No! Dr. Michael Mash at Barbell Rehab is a Direct Access Physical Therapy provider, licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. This means you do NOT need to go to a physician before you see me!

My Rates.

My rates are $80/hour and $40 for 30 minute treatments. We will determine together which option will provide you with the best care.

Do You Take Insurance?

Dr. Michael at Barbell Rehab does NOT currently accept health insurance. Why? The answer is simple—I would not be able to provide the high level of quality care and personalized treatment that I do at the rates insurance companies reimburse for physical therapy treatment.

Therapists at traditional clinics that accept insurance are required to see 3–4 patients per hour and usually spend an average of only 15 minutes with each patient, while unlicensed aides instruct patients in exercises.

At Barbell Rehab, you spend the entire TIME with your therapist so that you will heal faster in fewer visits. While your first reaction may be that my method will cost you more money out-of-pocket, you will see below that this system will actually save you money while providing you with a higher quality of treatment!

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The same patient with Dr. Michael will only require one appointment per week. You will spend the full 60 minutes with me at a cost of $80. Because of the extra time spent with me each week, you will only require 3-4 weeks of therapy. That means the total cost to you for 3-4 sessions is only $200–$260!

Traditional PT

Average Time

Average Cost of Care

Barbell Rehab

Average Time

Average Cost of Care
(Save $265!)


All of my services are conducted out of Snyder Strength and Conditioning, a high-level sports performance facility located in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Fully equipment with squat racks, barbells, and various free-weights, as well as a private treatment room, you can be sure you will receive the BEST care possible.

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Can I Get Reimbursed From My Insurance Company?

In most cases, the answer to this is YES! For most insurance companies, you can find a claim form on their website. Simply print it out and submit it along with your receipts and treatment codes that we provide for you. The amount you are reimbursed is dependent on your “Out-of-Network Physical Therapy” expense benefits.

And finally, my services are HSA / FSA-eligible medical expenses, just like any other PT clinic! This means you can pay for your physical therapy using pre-tax dollars (if you have an HSA/FSA plan).

Here’s an example of this savings:
$80 treatment fee x 25% tax bracket x 7.65% medicare/soc sec tax = $26.12 in savings…equivalent to only having to pay $54 for your treatment sessions.


Neck Pain
TMJ Dysfunction
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
Hip Pain
Knee Pain

Ankle/Foot Pain
Post-Operative Rehab
Rotator Cuff Repairs
Labral Repairs
Back Surgery
Total Hip Replacements
Total Knee Replacements
Ankle Surgery
Spinal Fusions

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