Customized Online Training

Are You Ready to Workout with Me?

Are you someone who’s battled a nagging injury in the gym? Have you been through traditional physical therapy and now you want to return to lifting weights, but not sure how to go about it?

Have you TRIED to return to lifting weights, but always seem to injure yourself again? I’m here to help.

I’m Here…to Help YOU!

I’m Dr. Michael Mash, and at Barbell Rehab I specialize in getting lifters safely BACK to the gym after an injury. While many medical professionals succeed in getting you back to “baseline”, many personal trainers do not understand how to get you back to the GYM after an injury.

This often leads to a vicious cycle of re-injury. I want to help you.

What You Can Expect

I’m proud to announce that I will now be offering a comprehensive online programming option to help a select few get back to lifting weights. This extensive offer will include:

  • Initial Skype call to fully understand your unique challenges and needs

  • A 4-week program, tailored to your specific needs, with prescribed warm up and working sets

  • Video demonstration of every exercise

  • Specific mobility drills, tailored to your EXACT limitations

  • UNLIMITED access to me via text message to answer ALL of your questions along the way

  • UNLIMITED access to send me videos of your lifts to analyze and critique

Spots are LIMITED!

Due to the amount of individual attention each client receives, I am very selective in who I work with! Are you ready to finally get back to the gym?

Schedule a FREE phone call with me to discuss your goals!

It’s Time to Get Back to the Gym!

Introductory Phone/Skype consult to discuss your goals

Customized 4-week program tailored to your exact needs

Unlimited video analyses of your lifts

Unlimited text and email support